Friday, August 26, 2011

Ode to Wire Baskets

Hats off to Domestically Speaking today for sharing her love of wire baskets today along with lovely pictures. I'm partial to wire baskets, as well. I mean, what's not to love? I love their timeless design and fun functionality. And I'm amazed by their ability to blend with any style, from modern to classic to cottage!

Since its inception last August, Willow House has introduced several wonderful wire baskets. You all know how much I love my French Wire Tiered Stand (a vital component of my Barista Bar). Her baby sister, the French Wire Carousel Caddy, is a little lovely with oodles of potential! And the French Wire Convertible Basket was so popular that we just couldn't keep enough in stock (welcome back, baby)! I really, really like them all.

But in July, I met a new friend. Three friends, actually -- the Wireweave Basket Trio. I liked them when I saw them simple and plain. Then I visited the Design Showcase at our annual Willow House Convention... and I loved them. Our designers turned them every which way but loose!

This trio works hard in any room, such as the office, where our designers organized books and papers (and notice that French Wire Carousel Caddy working hard in the background). I love how they lined the large basket with an old feedsack to add a pop of color and texture. Simple, but effective.

Next, our crew transformed the trio into an amazing tower centerpiece. By inserting the glass cylinders from our Galveston Footed Hurricanes into each of the Wireweave Baskets, they become vases for grocery store gerberas. Willow House designer-extraordinaire Susan added grass from her own yard into the top tier for a pop of green. Who knew such a big statement could be made so easily? (And, by the way, those little yellow flowers are known as "billy balls"... just one of many things I learned at Convention, thanks to Melanie Grant.)

But I was in awe when I saw the craft room. (Man, could I feel creative in this room!)

(I don't know if I'd actually be creative, but I could sure feel creative!)

(Note the French Wire Convertible Baskets on the walls -- and how 'bout that new Athena Crackle Vase turned lamp!)

There was a lot to be in awe of, but I think what really floored me was the use of the baskets as hanging lamps (thanks to fellow consultant Linda Burt for the great photos -- wouldn't you know that I forgot my camera). Those Willow House designers can turn anything into a lamp!

What about you? Are you loving the new wire basket trend, too? How would you use the Wireweave Basket Trio in your home?

If you're loving the Wireweave Basket Trio or any of the other products featured here and would like to see details or learn how to purchase, visit my Willow House website!

© Suzanne Jackson 2011.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Update your bathroom to a spa! {Revised}

This was originally posted back in May, but I'm reposting it with a few updates because these items are back on the Weekly Deals list in my Willow House e-outlet right now!

This will be a quick post -- I just want you to see the possibilities for a great budget bathroom makeover available due to our Willow House weekly deals on the e-outlet, combined with our Customer Special.

I grew up in Arizona, but really as a beach girl. Our vacations each summer were generally spent in San Diego enjoying sand and surf. Even now, sitting on a beach pretending to read is one of the most relaxing things I can think of. The sun, the breeze, the sound of the waves, the soothing colors... it's the perfect combination!

In the midst of spring cleaning, I love to get a fresh look in my bathroom. Here's a great way to do that without breaking the bank, just in time for summer visitors. Simply take advantage of three awesome deals available through Sunday night, May 7. The colors in this combination just make me think of the beach and of the spa.

Here's the look:

This week only, you can purchase these items at huge discounts as Willow House e-outlet weekly deals:

  • Cabana Shower Curtain - regularly $69.95, now only $22.96
  • Cabana Bath Rug - regularly $42.95, now only $13.96
  • Cabana Hand Towels (set of 2) - regularly $29.95, now only $9.96
Wow -- that's $142.95 in bathroom makeover for only $46.88! But it gets even better! Add one of our beautiful new products to your countertop or spa tub ledge -- the Athena Crackle Vase adds a gentle pop of color -- use sunflowers for a friendly wake up, or white hydrangea for a gentle hello. The narrow profile is space-friendly, and the $34.96 price tag is wallet-friendly, especially since you can take advantage of our customer special after placing the Cabana products in your shopping cart, making the Athena Crackle Vase just $17.48!

This brings the grand total for your bathroom makeover to less than $65.00, for over $175 worth of beautiful products -- can I hear a ka-ching?!

It's easy to order! Just visit my website and click the link to my e-outlet. From there, simply search on a keyword from each item to find what you're looking for. And feel free to browse around -- so many beautiful products and many discounted on the e-outlet, as well. Happy shopping, and enjoy your new spa bathroom!

© Suzanne Jackson 2011.
{I'd love for you to share this post with friends, but please share the full link. Common courtesy dictates that you do not copy the post into your own blog without proper attribution. Thanks!}


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