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FAQs for Willow House Jewelry by Sara Blaine

You have questions? We have answers!  I hope this list will be helpful to you as you explore Willow House Jewelry by Sara Blaine. Please contact me to ask any other questions you might have, or to request your invitation to become a consultant! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sell the jewelry?
Our jewelry line will be available exclusively through Willow House Consultants.

When will the jewelry division launch?
We are conducting an exclusive limited launch in October 2011, followed by a full launch in January 2012.

Will we be able to display both home décor and jewelry at the same show?
No. We encourage you to hold separate jewelry and décor parties in order to maximize your party sales and booking opportunities.

Can jewelry items and décor items be combined on the same party order?
Jewelry and décor cannot be processed on the same party order.

If I just want to sell jewelry, do I have to sign up with the home décor division?
No, but we will not be taking reservations for Jewelry by Sara Blaine exclusively until after October 1. We are accepting Jewelry Kit Reservations now for Willow House Consultants who are enrolled in our home décor division. If you’d like to join our décor division for $49 today, you will then be able to place your reservation for the jewelry division on your Workstation.

Can I earn free jewelry when I sell Willow House décor products this summer?
Yes, if you are a Consultant who has purchased a Jewelry Kit Reservation. You must purchase a Jewelry Kit Reservation prior to the close of the month to be eligible to qualify for free jewelry in that month. If you wait until July to purchase a Jewelry Kit Reservation, you will not earn any free jewelry in June, regardless of your sales. You must be a Consultant in good standing at the time the jewelry is awarded. To learn more about Bling Bucks, click here.

Why do I have to pay for a reservation now when I may not be able to sell until October or later?
Purchasing a Jewelry Reservation Kit places you on a reservation list, giving you an activation priority based on the date of the earliest reservations. The kit is considered backordered and you may cancel your reservation at any time prior to shipment and receive a full refund. We require a paid reservation to measure the true demand for the opportunity and to build sufficient inventory levels to service that demand.

Do I receive free product when I purchase a jewelry reservation?
If you place a Jewelry Kit Reservation in June or July, you will receive $200 in free jewelry when you become activated to sell jewelry. This is in addition to any Bling Bucks you may have earned.

Will we always offer $200 of free jewelry when we purchase a reservation?
This is an incentive that is scheduled to expire at the end of July. After that, a normal Jewelry Kit Reservation will not include a free jewelry offer.

When will my account be activated and my kit ship?
Jewelry Reservation Kits will start shipping in the fall. Accounts also will be activated in the fall for Consultants to begin holding jewelry parties. Consultants who purchased a Jewelry Reservation Kit but did
not attend Convention may be put on a waiting list. If there is no waiting list, a kit will ship within 72 hours and the Consultant will be activated within hours of enrollment.

How do I purchase jewelry samples?
Consultants can order one of each of anything in the line at 50% off retail. Consultants with paid Jewelry Kit Reservations can begin ordering samples starting in mid July, and can order samples until 30 days following their jewelry account activation and kit shipment.

When will the jewelry I order with my $200 + Bling Bucks be shipped?
Jewelry will be shipped in the fall.

Can a consultant be a Host?

Are the commissions (profits) the same for jewelry as home décor?
Yes, all qualified Consultants have an opportunity to earn between 30% and 42.5% commission plus free catalogs and business supplies, bringing the total commission with BSC to between 35% and 47.5%. The new, bigger earning opportunity will begin in August and will be explained at Convention and posted on your Workstation.

Are the Host programs the same as with décor?
Yes. Like the commission program, we will be announcing an increase in the percentage of free product a Host can earn at Convention. These new Host benefits begin in August.

What about warranties, returns, etc.?
We will be announcing our program in detail at Convention and these policies will be posted on your Workstation following Convention.

What are the price points?
Most of our jewelry will sell below $100, which is in line with most of our direct selling competition. Unlike our competition, we will be offering Sara Blaine designer jewelry, not costume jewelry.

Where is the jewelry manufactured?
It is manufactured in Bali by the top designer jewelry manufacturer there. As with our home décor division, we’ve selected the best of the best.  They have been hand-producing Sara’s retail line for more than a decade. These are the most highly skilled and highly compensated silversmiths in Bali. Now they are Willow House artisans, crafting each piece as individual works of art for you and your very best customers.

When will the catalog be published?
In late September.

When will see the entire line?
If you attend Convention, you will see the entire line. It will not be showcased again until the catalog is released. Following Convention, those Consultants who wish to purchase kit-add-on orders will have Workstation access to thumbnail-sized images of the jewelry line. These images will be un-styled and are for ordering purposes only, not for public distribution.

How can I ensure a spot on the early October launch team?
Purchase your Jewelry Reservation Kit and attend Convention!

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