Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adorn a Door -- and Yourself -- for Spring

It's spring here in Georgia. It feels a bit like summer, but the high pollen count reminds me that it is actually spring (ah-choo!). Spring is actually my favorite time of year, perhaps because it was the one season that seemed unique in my Arizona upbringing.

A door bucket is a great way to provide a springtime welcome for your friends and family! One of my favorite door buckets is the Willow House Flower Market Door Bucket. This versatile bucket has sleek lines, a subtle but lovely design on the front, and a distinctive yet neutral moss bronze finish. I'm a bit lazy with mine, using faux greens all year long and just adding in a bit of seasonal color as needed.

On the other hand, Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick has done a fabulous job of bringing spring to her door by using cuttings from her own yard in her own Flower Market Door Bucket. I love the look -- and the fact that she provides a great step-by-step tutorial to help you get a similar look! Be sure to hop over to her blog to get all the details (and browse around, as I know you'll love her great ideas)! I just noticed that Sarah has paired her door bucket with the Must Have Door Hanger -- you can get the pair for a special price!)

But the front door is not the only thing needing adorning this spring -- I love pulling out my lighter, brighter spring clothes! And what better way to adorn your wardrobe than with fresh spring jewelry? I mean, spring... bling... they must rhyme for a reason!

 I'm loving the sneak peaks of the new lines for Willow House Jewelry by Sara Blaine; it's fresh without being here-today-gone-tomorrow trendy. See for yourself...

Lovely Layla necklace and bracelet:

Fresh addition to the Bali Scroll collection:

These new products will be available April 1 at my online Willow House jewelry store! The Flower Market Door Bucket is available in my Style for Home online store now -- purchase the door bucket or the bucket/hanger set and you'll qualify for our pick-your-own customer special!

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