Thursday, July 12, 2012

Style + Function = Perfection!

I was thinking about my jewelry box just this morning. When my husband purchased it for me more than sixteen years ago, I remember thinking, "How will I ever fill this thing up?" I'm not sure when it happened, but it did get filled up. Besides my jewelry, it's filled with a few of my mother's pieces, some of my daughter's pieces, even my husband's army marksmanship medal.

So this morning, as I was getting out some of my snazzy Willow House jewelry to wear, I thought there must be a better way.

{Cue violins}

Then, over on Facebook, I saw this lovely sneak preview of a page from our upcoming Fall 2012 Style for Home catalog -- what a great idea! I mean, my Sara Blaine pieces are works of art, painstakingly handcrafted into true heirloom quality designer jewelry. And I can't wear it all, all the time. But my bedroom wall could!

Gotta love it when style and function -- beauty and organization -- play so nicely together. (See more examples of this here, here, and  here.)

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