Friday, January 28, 2011

New Series: Top Ten Tips for Decorating on a Budget

One of my favorite things about being a Willow House Design Consultant is sharing creative ideas with my customers as they think through ways to brighten up their homes. It can be such an overwhelming task when you look at the big picture, but breaking it up into smaller steps really makes it do-able!

To help with that, I’m beginning this ten-part series on decorating on a budget. This will be a Letterman-style countdown, with a new tip appearing on this blog near the end of each week. I hope you’ll join me… and be sure to comment – discussion and joint brainstorming is another one of my favorite things about being a Willow House Design Consultant!

So, let’s begin with Tip #10…

#10 Take a look at your front door!
The first thing folks see when they come to your home is your front door, but when did you last enter your home through the front entrance? Walk from the street or your driveway to your front door and ask yourself, “What kind of first impression does this front door area give?” At the worst of times, mine has been less than welcoming with sadly neglected plants, cobwebs, and various remnants of abandoned childhood playtime. At the best of times, it has been neat and tidy with seasonal plants warmly beckoning. If yours is currently at its worst of times, a bit of elbow grease may be your biggest investment! Once that’s accomplished, you can accessorize…
Door buckets can be an easy and inexpensive way to dress up your front door. If you don’t want to use a permanent hook, there are great wreath hangers available that give you even more flexibility.  you have a storm door, take care that the door bucket you select is slender enough to fit between you front door and your storm door (such as the Flower Market Door Bucket shown here).

You can simply fill your door bucket by purchasing permanent greens, then adding long-stemmed picks for the season. This makes updating your front door d├ęcor child’s play! Another simple and inexpensive way to fill your door bucket is to simply use things from your yard, such as magnolias, hydrangeas (fresh or dried), or holly. To maintain freshness, put a piece of floral foam in a sturdy plastic bag, add a bit of water, then insert your fresh stems. Feel free to mix fresh flowers with permanent, as well. And remember, a big bow can add to your arrangement and fill in space.

Hang your decorated door bucket in your neat and tidy front door area, and take that walk from the driveway to the door again. Welcome home!

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