Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tip 7: Elevate Your Entertaining

 {This is part of the series "Top Ten Tips for Decorating on a Budget"}

When you’re practicing hospitality, whether as an informal get-together with coffee and snacks or as a more formal dinner, one way to simplify things is to let your serving area act as your decorating focus, as well.

Rather than simply lining up your serving pieces on the table or countertop, add beauty, depth, and style using height and texture creatively. The photo at left provides a perfect example of this. A wire tray is inverted and guests’ plates placed on top. The raised tray adds a beauty of its own and is large enough to hold both décor and snacks. Other wire trays are stacked atop a pedestal and a wire plant holder to add varying heights to your serving pieces. The result is a beautiful buffet that invites your guests to help themselves.

Elevating your entertaining is easy when you invest in quality, versatile tools. The French Wire Tiered Stand from Willow House pulls double duty at this birthday party as both the centerpiece and a lovely cupcake holder. Glass hurricanes are also a great team player – today they add to the décor by serving bright candy alongside colorful take-home goodie boxes, tomorrow they may be on your mantle holding flowers or candles (more on that next week). And, by the way, would you have guessed that the cupcake holding French Wire Tiered Stand was also featured in the first photo? Since it comes completely apart, each tier transforms into a separate serving tray, which become the wire trays used in the buffet above.

Even casual get-togethers can benefit from a simple designer’s touch. Does your coffee bar need to be elaborate for many guests or simple just to serve a few? Either way, there’s not need to skimp in your presentation. Adding beauty, depth, and style can be easy when you have versatile pieces on hand. You can enjoy the pieces daily in your home, then pull them together as the occasion arises. What a fun surprise for your next girlfriend get-together!

Just a little extra thought can make a big impact as you prepare for your guests, so take it up a notch and elevate your entertaining!

Note: Would you like to share a fun evening with your friends, learning more about elevating your entertaining? Willow House Makeover Design Workshops are a fun way to make a change in your home, especially when you can earn free and discounted products for hosting! If you’d like to know more, contact me.

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Suzanne said...

Here's a real-life example of elevating entertaining... and some pretty/clever ideas, to boot!


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