Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tip 5: The Power of Three

{This is part of the series "Top Ten Tips for Decorating on a Budget"}

 Remember the old saying, “Three’s a crowd?” When it comes to decorating, three is practically a perfect number! By duplicating one item three times, you get more than triple the punch because the repetition adds unity to your design. Even simple glass vases with elegant flowers pack a punch when you place three on a mantle, don’t you agree?

Our last tip helped us create some mantle magic. If you love a simple (and low-maintenance) mantle, let the power of three work for you. Our mantle shown here plays three Chancelor Mirrors off a single piece of driftwood – who knew seaside cottage style could be so elegant?

Our triplets don’t have to be completely identical, however. Note how two of the three Coronado Stone Pedestals hold candles, while the center pedestal displays stones and fresh flowers. (See how Mr. Fuzzbucket looks on approvingly?)

Now take in the whole room -- featuring the power of three on both the mantle and the coffee table unifies the room. It looks balanced and orderly – it welcomes you to come in and relax! Elements of glass pull the pedestals and mirrors together in yet another unifying feat.

Mirrors aren't just for mantles. Trilogy mirrors lined up in a corner bring interest and light to the room. The rustic metal styling plays off of the cool hues and earthy elements in the room.

Using the power of three also makes smaller pieces more potent. Three glass containers lined up in a row turns what could be clutter into a thing of beauty. Your vanity will have good reason to be vain!

The power of three works not just with triplets, but also with siblings --by this, I mean related pieces. Each Amira Candlestand is a unique size and color, but the three work together to add beauty to function on your buffet -- or anywhere else, for that matter! Where can you harness the power of three in your decorating scheme?

Note: There's power in numbers when it comes to getting together with friends, too! Willow House Makeover Design Workshops make a great girlfriend get-together, especially when you can earn free and discounted products for hosting! If you’d like to know more, contact me.

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