Thursday, October 13, 2011

Secret weapon: cheesecloth!

Our friends over at Plate & Pattern have done it again. Who knew cheesecloth could be so spooky? (Hop over and check out their post and the rest of this will make more sense.)

What I love most about this post is the way it really got me thinking... tinted cheesecloth could be used so many ways. Think about what it would add to the table at a wedding reception, bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, just about any event! Of course, your theme might not be spooky, but the cheesecloth could easily be tinted to so many different shades -- and probably with something you already have on hand. I'm thinking coffee, tea (so many shades there), fruit juice, even food coloring (we all know these things are pretty doggone colorfast because we've had to treat clothing stains, right?).

I'm thinking about my winter decor, as well. I love the idea of snow, but I'm not crazy about the mess of the stuff (real or faux). But a fluffy swash of white cheescloth across that mantle or console could give the illusion of snow without all the fuss. What about cheesecloth inside of a hurricane with twinkle lights? My, possibilities are endless!

You're creative -- what ideas can you add?

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