Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bring spring into your home

Spring just has to be my very favorite season, especially here in Georgia. We've watched the daffodils perk up their little yellow heads, followed by tulips in the brightest of brights. The Bradford pears and cherry trees have gone from blossom to leaf, and everything is just green. But the best, the showpiece of it all for me, is the dogwood. Since my first spring in the South, dogwoods in bloom have carried my heart from winter's gray to spring. And if there happens to be a little red bird in the dogwood tree, well, it just doesn't get any better than that.

I think that spring is such a fun decorating time, too. We've kind of puttered with decorating the last few months after putting Christmas stuff away, but now we're ready to make a statement. What better way to make that statement than with the flowers of the season -- and all the better if they are permanent (doesn't that sound better than artificial?).

My fellow Willow House design consultant, Christine Ernston, shares these beautiful suggestions for bringing spring into your home. And how simple is this? Simply place your favorite faux branches into a classic stoneware container, such as the Amira Rustic Jar, to give height and weight to your arrangement. Add some elegance with stemmed glass containers (I love the versatility of the Stiletto Pedestals) filled with silk blossoms. It's simple to pin flowers to a foam ball, addition color and texture to the grouping. Anchor the arrangement by placing it all on a beautiful tray (Christine added some colored paper behind the glass of the tray); our Napa Tray is perfect for this. Mark the occasion with a sweet chalkboard tag such as the Must-Have Mini Markers.

Wouldn't this be just as beautiful for a wedding shower or reception? The bride and groom's name or monogram on the tag would add a nice personal touch. And what a great way to dress up that baby shower or birthday party!

For more great spring ideas, come and join the conversation at MyStyleShare! The products shown in this post can be purchased through my Willow House online store. Be sure to check out our current specials (as well as our Spring into Savings Sale, April 2011)!

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my name is s├ęcia. said...

I love spring. It was all rainbows at my house today... literally!

Leanne said...

I love Spring decorating. Thanks for linking to Home Decor and Organizing Link Party.


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