Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Bookshelf Makeover

(or, "Hello, I'm Suzanne, and I'm a book-aholic.)

I've been crazy busy lately, but I've been trying to fit in some spring cleaning / reorganizing when I can. Thankfully, some jobs can be done in little bits. However, one are that has become completely out of control are the bookshelves in my office/homeschool room! 

I do have great bookshelves, and they were fairly manageable when we moved in a little over a year ago. However, I have to admit that I probably put lots of things on those shelves that were not needed (and are still not needed) because the circumstances of our move-in didn't allow for much on-the-spot clean out and reorganization. At that time, the room was also primarily for homeschooling and my home office as a wife/mom. Since then, I've added two paying gigs to the mix, which means more paperwork and more need for storage and organization! 

As a homeschooling family, we have lots of books. Actually, I think we would have lots of books even if we didn't homeschool, but that gives me an excuse. We may have book issues -- we even have boxes of books in our storage room that we can't put out right now because we don't have a blank wall big enough to put up our huge shelf unit (which formerly resided in an actual library).

With that said, I have a strong desire to mix functionality and beauty on these bookshelves. I mean, I love going to the library or a good bookstore, but that's not what I want my bookshelves to look like. I'd love to mix in some family pictures and things we love to break up the book look.

Just this morning, I remembered that our Willow House design guru, Melanie Grant, developed a great video, teaching how to do a "Spring Bookshelf Makeover". I can't wait to watch it and incorporate some of the ideas into my own bookshelf . I hope I can get to that before too long and share the results with you!

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