Thursday, May 12, 2011

More on Willow House Jewelry Division...

There's been a lot of interest and excitement about the news of the new Willow House division for jewelry! Our CEO, Bill Shaw, provided us with more info yesterday:

Dear Friends,

On the May Director Call, I promised a jewelry update, and I’m excited to share with you. We are thrilled with the progress of the new jewelry division, and we are on schedule for a public announcement the first week in June, along with a sneak peak of a small sample of the 200+ designs in production! (PS: You’ll see even more at Convention!)

I know you can’t wait to see the jewelry, and to meet our new jewelry partner. We have waited to announce the designer’s name on purpose — to give you time to focus on the impact of our multi-division strategy and what it will mean to you and your business.

I like to tell prospective Consultants that having two divisions means having twice the opportunity to succeed. If the company you’re considering only offers one sales division, they’re simply limiting your options. Today — more than ever before — it’s important to realize a greater return on every relationship. Other companies tell their sales people, “If you want more parties, you need to find more hosts.” Our people know the truth — sometimes it’s hard to find more hosts. If you want more parties, it’s much easier to offer your hosts more opportunities for parties.

Willow House is the only direct selling opportunity to offer two chances for your host to book a party each season. Now you can reach twice as many customers with the same number of hosts, generating twice the rewards! And who would you trust more than Willow House to start a new division? Over the past 10 years we’ve conducted two million parties, sold to more than 13 million customers, paid almost $400 million in commissions to Consultants, shipped 10 million boxes, all with less than a 1% return rate. With a track record like that, why would anyone consider another company?

At Convention you’ll learn more about our designer and what makes our jewelry line so special. For now, let me share a little bit to help you understand how lucky we are to have this incredible woman partnering with our company.

Obviously, because we had limited experience with jewelry design, it was crucial for us to find partners who are as strong in jewelry as we are in home décor. We’ve all seen what happens when companies with very little décor experience try to enter our market — they embarrass themselves with weak product offerings. We were determined to not make that mistake with jewelry.

We began by undertaking more than a year of exhaustive market research, profiling all relevant competitors in our space and identifying emerging global trends at retail. Our search led us to one of the oldest and most respected U.S. manufacturers of bridal jewelry. They agreed to work with us to help identify one of the most talented and highly experienced makers of designer jewelry. Last year we started working on a new venture that would bring the very best manufacturing and design experience to our company. Today, with the addition of these new partners, we have a wealth of jewelry experience that would have taken 20 years to assemble on our own.

Our new partner has designed more than 3,000 unique pieces during her life, and today you can find her work in quality jewelry boutiques and specialty retailers all over America. While she’ll continue to design and manufacture jewelry for her retail line, Willow House is the only direct selling company she will work with and design for. As her partner, not customer, Willow House will be the only direct selling company in the world that will offer her exclusive line — unique works of art designed exclusively for us and only available from you.

But she does so much more than just design jewelry. Her company sources raw materials, like fresh and saltwater pearls, gemstones, Italian clasps and silver ingots from around the world to ensure only the finest components are used in her manufacturing process. Unlike so many other direct selling jewelry companies that use buyers or purchase finished goods from vendors, we’ll be co-manufacturing with her as a part of our new business relationship.

By investing in co-manufacturing, we’ve eliminated the usual mark up on raw materials and the wholesale distributor’s profit, which allows us to sell direct to your customers. This means we can sell genuine designer jewelry at very competitive prices, instead of overpriced costume and fashion jewelry like so many in our space today.

I can’t wait for you to welcome our new jewelry partner to our Willow House family. Robin and I are thrilled to be her friends and business partners, and we are excited to introduce her new Willow House jewelry line to the world.

When we started this journey, our mission was three-fold: First, find the best, most reputable jewelry designer in America and produce the hottest exclusive line of designer jewelry. Second, ensure the very best quality by engaging in the manufacturing process ourselves. Third — and most important — guarantee your success by offering your customers exceptional value for their money. We’re proud to say that we have succeeded.

Have a wonderful week and be sure to share this exciting news. Who knows whose prayer you’ll be answering? Maybe your own.

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If this intrigues you, please contact me to learn more. I'd love to help you explore whether or not this opportunity is right for you and have you on my team!

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