Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The plot thickens {or how Willow House jewelry is selected}

I always enjoy Plate and Pattern's blog, and this post is no exception. Boy, they sure know how to build the suspense! Now that some of the jewelry designs are complete, our wonderful Willow House design team is selecting the best designs for our new line. If you're intrigued about the new Willow House division featuring jewelry, you can learn more in some of my previous posts.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of this great opportunity, the window is closing soon! Sign up to be a consultant in May 2011 -- you can purchase our full new consultant kit for $199, or our mini-kit for $49 -- and you'll be given the opportunity to make a jewelry reservation in June when all is revealed. In addition, you can purchase other catalog items at half-price within 30 days of the ship date of your welcome kit (see details at mini-kit link).

I'd love to hear from you -- if you'd like to chat about the Willow House opportunity, please contact me with your phone number and I'll be happy to give you a call!

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Suzanne said...

JUST ANNOUNCED: The launch of our NEW Jewelry Division is going so well that everyone who is a consultant and attends convention will be able to participate in the soft launch! YOU can be selling Willow House Jewelry this fall if you attend Convention! Our starter kit is just $49 this month! Guess what else? Sell $1000 in May and earn $100 in FREE Jewelry!


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